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Hi, I’m Joyce,

Soul Alchemist in Spiritual Psychology, Transformational Teacher and Intuitive Facilitator of Divine Energy.

I am a transformational expert, creator of Spiritual Divorce®, Alternative medicine practitioner and a Theta Healing® instructor.

After over 16 years of working with Individuals, Therapists, and Healers my passion is to guide you to uncover who you truly are. I am not here to pretend or to keep you in the same place, I am here to shake you to make you in order for you to make an impact in your world. Some people call me a soul bully; I call myself an alchemist of extraordinary changes that will leave you ignited, untangled and living a purposeful life.

Turn your Desires into Magnetic potentials, I'm going to show you how

Spiritual Divorce®

An Untangling transformational method that will free you from all the attachments that are holding you from living your best life recovering your lost power.


Uncover your potential by discovering what beliefs are holding you back from getting what you desire now

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“In order to live up to our fullest potential and truth, we must release all ties that bind us to the experiences that no longer serve us”