Here is my story…

Hi, I’m Joyce Haddad.

I was born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, Florida since I was 5 years old. My background is an interesting mix of Middle Eastern and Italian. This eclectic blend of cultures inspired me early on to discover where I came from, to learn about traditions that had been passed from generation to generation, to understand the value of the woman within my culture, and to realize how to break free from all limitations that kept me from my highest potential. I grew up in a very strict household, boyfriends weren’t allowed, I had to marry within my culture, everything had to be approved, there was complete authoritarian parental control, virginity was sacred, and as a result I became dependent in every step I took.

Growing up and as a young adult, my greatest passions were singing, writing and dancing. They’re the sort of things that give you the goosy’s, in other words, the things that make your soul sing. I focused on developing my talents and had the opportunity to sing and write with top artists. I was on my way to building my career. But along the way life shifted, I got married and took a break to become a proud mother of two fabulous boys.

I slowly settled into a different direction. Before I knew it, I was helping my dad run the family business. I had set aside my goosy’s on my father’s advice, because after all, a career in music would never amount to anything. Although I was steering farther from the things I enjoyed, it’s here that I discovered another one of my passions, my love of business and entrepreneurship. Building on my experience at the family business, and then through other business opportunities, my skills over those 22 years grew to include helping large companies in creative business development, product placement, overseas expansion and building a global presence. I developed and branded top companies in fashion, beauty, jewelry, toys, and motor industries.

But even though I accomplished all that, I didn’t feel like I was living my life’s purpose.  I was doing what was expected of me. I realized I was trying to please my father, and everyone else and completely forgot to take care of me. I was tired of feeling guilty for everything I did, judging myself, and not believing in who I was.

But all of a sudden life took a drastic turn for me. My father became very ill with cancer.
In 2004, he was diagnosed with mantel cell lymphoma stage 4. It knocked me off my feet. As I searched for alternative healing sources for him, I discovered a wealth of knowledge and new healing techniques that would not only help him, but myself and others. His disease was not only physical, it was emotional. I used my knowledge and worked with my father, to help him find his peace, by fully analyzing his life experiences, traumas and beliefs, which affected and fed his illness. This new awareness resonated with me and gave me a new purpose in my Life.

My driven personality sparked something in me, woke me up to stop holding myself back, to value my inner GODDESS. I had to start living like I meant it, authentically using all my special ingredients to express “ME”.

I was determined to take the path that would lead me to find my own way. I realized I didn’t have hope and was stuck in a life that I did not want for myself. I did the work. I began peeling away layers, making sense of what was me and what was not. I explored my struggles, my pain, my grief; I uncovered my secrets. I took responsibility and stepped into my own life.

I went back to school and recharged my life. I studied psychology, religion, mysticism, philosophy, medical herbalism, behavioral studies, ThetaHealing, and Spiritual science. Since my youth, I had also developed strong intuitive and clairvoyant abilities and now saw these could work hand-in-hand with everything I was learning. Over time I combined these skills and learned techniques that not only would help me move past my blocks but that would help many individuals transform their lives. In the 12 years, I’ve dedicated myself to helping others overcome emotional problems, enhance their psychological state of being, and motivate them in achieving their goals and dreams.

It is time to explore and own your story, heal your past experiences and transform your pain into blessings. You too can achieve inner balance and well-being. We have been turned off for very long and it is time to turn on the light within. It’s time to Turn Your Life On.

This world is filled with opportunities; don’t be afraid of doing something unique that you have always loved! The sky’s the limit, don’t fear, and take the necessary steps to make things happen in your Life. I am 100% confident you have what it takes… All you have to do is show up, be an active participant, activate your creative flow and put your life in action. I am a regular girl just like you. I have flaws, but I also have dreams. I welcome you to try my programs, and get truly involved in your life.

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Life is a series of mini stories that graph our destiny but don’t have to define who we are.

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