Energy healing is a natural method that is practiced through the laying on of hands over the electromagnetic field of the person, or the aura, utilizing the energy of the universe to cleanse the field and simultaneously cleanse the chakras.

We are responsible for creating any personal discomfort and/or diseases in our bodies through our energy level. Before diseases physically manifest in our bodies, they are present as energy, which is why it is important to understand how to work with the energy field to heal ourselves and heal others.

By combining energy healing with spiritual psychology we are able to heal any imbalances more effectively.

Beliefs and emotions are the main cause for the development of diseases. As we assimilate negative patterns in our consciousness, we block our energy, which manifests as pain and/or disease.

After receiving an energetic treatment, you will positively start to feel better than you may have felt in a long time, perhaps even years. The effect can be conclusive, but depends solely on the person. All acts of healing, even taking an aspirin or getting an injection, will only work if the healing is wanted. The desire to heal, to reverse any ill effects, and to change is what actually makes a healing possible.

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During your consultation, Joyce will assess your current living environment, your physical and emotional state, any stressors or influences that may be affecting your well-being and put together a holistic treatment plan based on a combination of aromatherapy, herbal medicine and other natural ingredients to best suit your needs. The goal of holistic therapy is to balance the state of your body, mind and soul so that all are working in synergy to achieve optimal health.

Length of session: 45 minutes

Consultations can take place in person at our office, or online via Skype. Both are just as effective for your treatment.

Please note availability is limited to a first-come, first-served basis. Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email with available dates and times for your appointment.

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