Essential Oil Mask Kit

Face mask shortages are a reality. Keep it in the Heart is an essential transformational wellness company and we are committed to help overcome this global health crisis, so we have developed a three layer 100 % cotton essential oil washable mask with a incorporated unique insert layer to add your essential oil replaceable cotton, that will allow you to breathe pure essential oils and prevent virus and bacteria particles from sneaking in. These mask packs come with a custom inhaler and respiratory oil that will allow comfort and health for your airways as you grocery shop.

Here’s a quick video showing you how it works. Materials and labor for the mask were sewed by the woman elders in the native American Oneida tribes in Wisconsin who are offering their service for the shortage of masks not available.⁣ ⁣⁣ As we all continue to protect and prevent further spread we encourage to protect your health in order to slow down the spread and return to harmony. Thank you for your service to our community.

Essential Oil Mask Kit

Each set of fabric face mask comes with + 1 Himalayan salt inhaler + 1 respiratory pure essential oil + replacements cotton essential oil inserts and 1 mask. Price per pack $40 plus 5$ shipping US⁣ only. If you are Miami local we provide curb side pick up.

These are hard times, but we will thrive as long as we can to be safe and of service for our community in order to restore harmony for all.