Love Charm Bath Salts or Scrub

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Align with the highest vibration of Love while indulging in a seductive, energetic blend of salts that attract passion, sensuality, and romance into your life…with ease. Use in a soak bath or as a scrub for the same results incredible results.


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Dissolve Salts into a Hot Bath to soak or for a therapeutic exfoliating energy scrub, rub gently onto skin while in the shower. Use Mantra and give your intention while soaking or scrubbing the salt on skin. This love formula sweetener will increase the effectiveness of the results you are manifesting and help you attract Love, Passion, sensuality and romance into your Life. Combine with our Love charm mist to Spray on skin, body, aura, cloths, crystals, bed sheets and indoor spaces.

The Law of attraction states that you need to feel your manifestation as it is already happening in your life. So feel the Love and romance in your Life and everything you want to feel and attract love into your life.

How does it look like to be in Love and how would you feel if you had more love in your life?

In order to attract Love you need to know and understand what Love feels like so you increase your vibration to match your desire. Sometimes we don’t have a clear definition of what love is. We could have experienced conflict, abandonment, or drama in the form of love as you were growing up. Consequently, your point of attraction will match your definition and perception.

A good and easy way to jump start the love feeling is to watch movies that reflect love stories. This will help you feel new sensations as you watch and activate the energy and open yourself up to Love.

You can also write a script describing the person you would like to have as a partner. Make sure you are specific. Describe Hair color, eye color, height, weight, character, career, how you want to be treated and specify if it is a male or female. Add more details, draw the “ person” etc, this way you will have a clear intention of what you want into your life. Then, do the ritual bath and imagine your petition as yours. Allow the Universe to bring in your request with grace and ease.

These are the feelings and visualizations you need to see in your imagination as you do this ritual bath and state the below Mantra. You will also find the Mantra in the back of the product label.  Repeat as many times as you want.

Energetically activated with 100% Pure therapeutic grade essential oils, we do not use any synthetic or fragrance products.

Mantra: I open my Heart to Love. I radiate Love and easily attract a love partner. I know what it feels like to attract my most compatible soul mate that is aligned with my soul. Use this mantra during your rituals and script.

Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If using this product topically, dilute with a carrier oil or do a test spot first on the skin to prevent any reaction.

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