Prosperity Bath Salts or Scrub

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Immerse in a magical blend that will clear any blocks in your energy field and draw prosperity, success, abundance and wealth into your life with this amazing ritual to attract more prosperity and abundance.


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Dissolve Salts into a Hot Bath or for a therapeutic exfoliating massage, rub gently onto skin while in the shower. Use Mantra and give your intention while soaking or scrubbing the salt on skin. This will increase the effectiveness of the formula and help you attract more Prosperity into your Life. Combine with our Prosperity mist to Spray on skin, body, aura, cloths, crystals, bed sheets and indoor spaces.

The Law of attraction states that you need to feel your manifestation as it is already happening  in your life. So feel the prosperity and abundance in your Life to become more magnetic. How does it look like to be Prosperous and abundant? How would you feel if you had more of it?

Those are the feelings and visualizations you need to see in your imagination as you do this ritual bath and Mantra below. You will also find the Mantra in the back of the product label.  Repeat as many times as you want. Remember, our thoughts and feeling are powerful. Our thoughts are electric and our feelings are magnetic. In order to attract more of something into your life you need to feel it as if you already have it. Feeling is the key factor in manifestations. The more you practice feeling the sensation, the more you will attract. That is how the Universe works.

Energetically activated with 100% Pure therapeutic grade essential oils, we do not use any synthetic or fragrance products.

Mantra: Money is a state of mind that supports me. I allow Prosperity to enter my Life in a greater way than ever before. I am Prosperous and Abundant.

Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If using this product topically, dilute with a carrier oil or do a test spot first on the skin to prevent any reaction.

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