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Essential Oils and Emotions

Essential oils have existed for centuries. Through out the years their effectiveness has been proven by using the oils consistently and observing how they affected people on multiple levels and accounting changes in peoples subtle energies and their emotional issues. They have been widely used for their physical health benefits and healing capabilities. Essential oils are used as powerful emotional healers. For example, roots help us get grounded and the trees support moderation and balance. Each essential oil contains properties that reveal themselves individually and medicinally. When you get to know each essential oil on a deeper level you understand the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional effects it has resonating on more than one level supporting your day to day life.
When an essential oil is inhaled it goes straight into the limbic system evoking emotions. The limbic system is the older part of brain that is one of the first to form as a fetus. It is the interface between the brain and the outside world. The limbic system is the seat of the emotional center and is partly responsible for our fight or flight response, our emotional reaction to something, our hormonal secretions, motivation, pain reflex and our mood fluctuations. When ever you experience a particular smell that has brought us back in time and place of memory the smells has evoked an emotion related to that smell. It could be freshly baked cookies transporting you back to childhood and the first time you smelled your mom or grandma baking them giving you a positive sensation and remembering that particular moment. Or maybe you smell a cologne or perfume and suddenly, you’re thinking back to your high school sweetheart! There’s no telling when a “limbic moment” will hit you, but thanks to that ancient part of the brain, you have direct access to your past through the sense of smell. Each of the essential oils has therapeutic properties, in that they are stimulating, calming, sedative, balancing, appetite control, etc. When we inhale an essential oil molecule, it travels through the nasal passage to a receptor neuron that transports it up to the limbic brain, especially the hypothalamus. Remember that some of the functions of the hypothalamus are to regulate blood pressure, control heart rate and adjust hunger and thirst? Well, if you smell an essential oil that has a vibrational calming effect on the body, and the hypothalamus receives the input to relax, then it creates neurochemicals that are sent through the body to relax and calm. Likewise if an essential oil has a frequency known to stimulate the body, then the limbic system will conform by sending the message to energize and become more active. Through this manner of transport, one can understand how therapeutic oils can increase immunity, balance hormonal secretions, dampen or enliven hunger and thirst, and create sexual desire.
Whether the oils are rubbed on in massage oil or inhaled, the odor molecules will travel to their limbic destination and create the appropriate neurochemicals to affect a physical response. Essential oils are a great way to reduce stress, uplift your mood, reduce inflammation, and many other therapeutic functions. Keep it in the Heart offers a variety of essential oils recipes to fit any of your needs.

Distinguishing a pure essential oil from a blend?

There is a huge difference between the essential oils used in the aromatherapy Health business and the aromatherapy Health practice. The real essential oils that are used therapeutically are not oily because as you apply they penetrate into the skin immediately going into your bloodstream.
The essential oils that are not used for therapeutic use are oily and remain oily due to them being diluted or blended for either fragrance purposes or cosmetically lowering the potency of the oil.

The best way to test this is to grab any essential oil that you have at home, rub it on your fingertips and if you continuously feel that it is oily as you rub your fingers together then it has an added vegetable oil. This does not mean it is bad oil, it means that it is no longer 100% pure essential oil and it will loose its effectiveness when using it as Alternative medicine.  When blended with a jojoba base or vegetable base, it is now considered a blend. Blends are great too, but they are not used in a Health practice in complementary medicine. A synergy on the other hand, is the fusion of one or more pure essential oils together to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. With a synergy we can create recipes that are potent enough to help you with many health needs. We create synergies for cold and flu medicines, relaxation, D-stress, depression, insomnia, headache and many more that we have seen to effectively relieve and improve wellness. Keep it in the Heart essential oils has a full line of therapeutic synergies for these needs that can be used on the skin directly, inhaled and added to any base of choice.

A real essential oil can be left out in the open and it will not evaporate nor will it cause any damage to the environment. It can last forever without loosing its medicinal properties, additionally, as the oil ages its potency increases. The amazing thing of therapeutic essential oils is that because of their high grade, they can be left open with no risk of it being damaged or evaporated, on the contrary from essential oils that are oily, which have a shelf life of two years.

So if you use essential oils as alternative medicine for yourself or family and want to make sure you use the right grade it is important to learn to test them first and learn the difference.

Try and incorporate KeepitintheHEART essential oils into your health care practice and health care needs to complement and improve your everyday lifestyle naturally.