Transformative Experiences

Retreats that change your Life!
Live the ultimate experience as you experiment a metamorphosis of the soul with our Life changing Retreats.

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Transformative Experiences

Retreats that change your Life!
Live the ultimate experience as you experiment a metamorphosis of the soul with our Life changing Retreats.

Retreats and Transformative Experiences

Experience Yourself through our variety of Experimental Retreats.
We have created several retreats that will elevate you into the person you are meant to live with proven transformational Healing systems that will help you uncover who you are by eliminating the Subconscious fears, beliefs that are entangling you and holding you back from achieving your Life’s goals & full potential.

You can choose from our Spiritual Divorce Retreats which are for men and woman or The Covered Goddess Retreats which are for woman only. All Retreats will allow you to disconnect in order for you to relax and re-connect through deep soul Healing.

The Spiritual Divorce Retreats

The Spiritual Divorce Retreats will take you into a deep journey into your core patterns, to break and Untangle your stories with a Transformational Quantum healing technique that will help you restore yourself and empower your life on all levels. You will experience Joyce’s prove healing methods throughout the retreat that will shake you to make you. You will also join other like-minded people ready to break through and Break free.

Our Healing Retreats, whichever experience you choose, you will come together with other like-minded individuals who will become your soul family.

Whatever your reasons, if you could use some time alone, time with a family member, a friend, a sister, or with a group of your besties, consider these retreats as one of your options.

Dates, locations, and schedules will be launching soon.

You can read more about Spiritual Divorces here

The Covered Goddess Retreats

The Covered Goddess Retreats are Transformational retreats that have been created for Woman to empower and uncover the Goddess within by eliminating trauma, negative subconscious beliefs and fears that are blocking the woman and uncovering their Goddess through a system that has been developed to accelerate transformation.

You will work in depth with over 6 specialized therapists who will walk you through your transformation. You will indulge in back to back experiences for the soul. You will experience magical moments that will restore your well-being. These Retreats are designed for one day intense transformational experiences and coming soon three day experiences.

Your time has come to experience something more than just a fun day. It is a boot camp for the soul with woman who are seeking deeper levels of spirituality and transformation. You will feel supported in your transformation process. This will be a moment for you, to isolate yourself from the day to day and deepen your connection with yourself allowing yourself to let go of any situations that you have been holding on to.

Be the Change you wish to see in the world and Be…

  • Be Confident
  • Be fearless
  • Be Prosperous
  • Be Motivated
  • Be Positive
  • Be Sensual
  • Be successful
  • Be Grateful

You have come to the right place. Our Covered Goddess Retreats are filled with paradise and transformative Healing sessions and healing programs that will spark your spirit and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed with top Healing therapists.

This Healing retreats will bring out your inner wisdom, self love, and connect you with your body and emotions.

"I believe we all have a goddess inside ourselves, she has only been covered.
Once she decides to uncover herself she becomes unstoppable"

Once you have done your first Retreat with us, you will then have access to our private Facebook page and what’s app chat. It is not just a one day retreat, it’s a empowering lifestyle.

Are you ready???

To embody your gifts & uncover your covered Goddess in order to birth your unique gifts into the world?

SEE WHAT WE HAVE FOR YOU ….keep reading!

Your will experience…

Spiritual Divorce® The Journey into the Soul Experience a powerful transformation through the process of divine alchemy where you will retrieve, re-calibrate and restore lost fragments, crystals and particles as well as debilitate negative energies and remove harmful connections to help your soul become whole again and reclaim your power. This is a powerful technique created by Joyce that will allow you to heal any traumas and deep wounds to restore into wholeness.

This journey will give your soul a thrill into your own emotions while bathing in custom baths, salts, and special formulas to energetically release negative energies that are blocking you.

You might need a Spiritual Divorce if you feel:

  • Inability to remember whole parts of your life
  • Guilty, shame, and anger
  • Feelings of Unworthiness or not good enough
  • Fear and Resistance
  • Trust issues  
  • Chronic tiredness
  • Lack of vitality or life force
  • Feeling like you’ve lost yourself
  • Feeling disconnected from life or like you don’t belong
  • Feeling broken and powerless
  • Inability to give or receive love
  • Addictive tendencies
  • Depression or chronic negativeness
  • Suicidal feelings
  • Sensitivity towards a certain memory or situation 
  • Moody or overly emotional.
  • Cloudy, out of your head or unable to focus.
  • Feeling heavy and disturbed

We come into contact with various people and environments, all of which have their own energy vibrations.

Not all of these frequencies are high and positive; because your energy field is constantly taking in and putting out vibrations, some of the vibrations (including your own thoughts, as well as external influences) are low and will bring you down if left unchecked.

While our energy body is constantly readjusting itself to bring our energy back into harmony, the negative energies can linger and build up over time. You will experiment a full alignment.

In order to get what you want, you need to uncover the amazing woman that lives within. You are that, and as you embark in this journey, you will experiment you happiest best self.

Meet Retreat Specialists

Joyce Haddad CEO & FOUNDER, Spiritual Divorce Quantum Healing technique, “UNTANGLED, Spiritual Divorce Retreats”, and “The Covered Goddess Retreats”, click here to Read more about her story…

Claudia Magno
The inspiration and driving force behind Claudia’s work will leave your relaxed as you experience a sound vibrational transformation through the process of sound and frequencies.You will re-calibrate your energies. Delve into the sound of your soul with her powerful techniques. 

Vibrational Sound Therapy relies on specifically engineered Therapeutic Singing Bowls that provide stress relief through extreme relaxation provided during the Retreat and your Day that will leave your body vibrating and Fired up.

Vanessa Realpe
Thriving on heart-warming experiences Vanessa will lead you into the world of your womb to receive a Blessing attunement to align you to the universal female energies, the Moon and the Earth so you awaken fully to the four female energy archetypes that all women hold.

You will activate your womb and connect to the fire within your womb. She is a Energy and Chakra specialist and understands how your Aura and chakras can be affecting your Divine Feminine.

Abjini Shamanik
Abjini is a powerful medicine woman that has traveled  the world studying ancient native tribes and their medicine. She began her journey as a medicine woman over 30 years  ago using medicine as a catalyst for healing. As a spiritual Coach and Shaman, She will be guiding you into the world  of the medicine of the amazons and activating your Goddess with elements  of the Earth.

As a specialist in sacred Geometry and Earth medicine you will receive a deep soul transformation as you embark a journey into the soul and connect to Mother Earth.  Writer and Author of el Despertar de Gaia

Yara Saez
Her intuitive abilities are incredible and offers her talent to help woman establish their connection to their mission. She has created her own technique to help you understand your Divine Plan.  She works closely to help raise the vibration of the planet with specialized codes and sounds.

She also has created her own Healing technique to help you understand your life path, anchoring it on Earth through acceleration. She will guide you in this journey through fire breath, breathing activities, and more. Author and Writer of Plan Divino

Maritza Yeguez
Numerology, tarot, and Healing specialist has over 35 years of experience as a Numerologist with a unique combination of tarot, Energetic healing and Astrology.

With your numbers she can see and understand your life path, mission, character and more.

Understanding all of this information on a personal level will expand your understanding of your world and Life in general.

When You Join Us On This Life Changing Event You Will Also Receive The Following… FREE!

We will include Lunch, coffee, tea, snacks, and many more surprises!
Completely on us…

Take time to join our soul family. We are excited to meet you and have you as part of our amazing world.
Dates and times will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

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