Spiritual Divorce

What is a Spiritual Divorce?

A Spiritual Divorce ®  is an energetic tool and healing modality, formulated to disentangle energetic ties and unhealthy attachments from relationships, addictions and life experiences which no longer serve us.

These experiences cause unnecessary stress on a spiritual, mental and physical level leaving us feeling incomplete. A Spiritual Divorce ® does not mean that you are going to eliminate the positive experiences, it just means that you are going to break free from the pain and the negative debris that torments you.

We form energetic ties through different intense connections and experiences, whether they be with a home, the loss of a loved one, leaving your country, career, pets, parents, children, money, obsessions, bullying, traumas, abusive relationships, natural disasters, childhood traumas, rejections, abandonment, accidents or material objects.

For example, in relationships, intense love is transferred from soul to soul over time. When people spend years interweaving their lives, sharing moments and exchanging energies, small and large pieces of the soul, called Soul Particles™ and Soul Fragments are exchanged and energetic cords are formed.

After the death of a loved one, lost fragments and energy cords that were formed with the individual will remain with that spirit long after they’ve left their physical form, delaying the evolution of both the spirit and the human.

After experiencing abuse, fragments are ripped from us against our will, leaving us feeling fragmented, violated and split.

These energetic cords can be of different sizes and intensities. Sometimes they feel thick and solid like a rope or cable while other times they can feel thin and elastic like spider webs. These ties are called SoulWebs™. They form below the breast bone, heart to heart, throat, hands, genital areas, mind, stomach and energy points throughout the body, influencing our energy and leaving us depleted and fragmented.

Over time, as we lose our fragments we also accumulate other people’s dispersed and lost fragments in our energy field.


Spiritual Divorce

Spiritual Divorce


During a separation or divorce, it is difficult to break free of such entanglements, habits and emotions which cause havoc on a soul level for months, years or even lifetimes.

Having a tangible document such as divorce papers, death certificate, or foreclosure, does not signify an energetic spiritual separation as these energetic exchanges, memories and emotions continue to live within the energetic field.

Shocking, catastrophic and traumatic experiences such as abuse, abandonment, death, or illness will also cause fragmentation, leaving the soul to feel broken, trapped and tied to such experiences.

Energetic Pull

Energetic Pull

This energetic pull can be felt by the affected individuals across the planet even after the relationship has ended or circumstances have passed. Memories, grief and resentments can keep playing in our minds repeatedly-preventing us from moving forward and creating a healthy, happy life. Sometimes the emotions we are feeling belong to the person, place, or circumstance we are in a connection with and an energetic cord must be severed.

In other words, just like a missing piece of a puzzle, fragments of a person’s essence, vitality and energy are misplaced and the soul emerges dispersed and incomplete.


Fear and Resistance

Fear and Resistance

Symptoms may include:

  • Inability to remember whole parts of your life
  • Guilty, shame, and anger
  • Feelings of Unworthiness or not good enough
  • Fear and Resistance
  • Trust issues
  • Sudden onset of apathy or listlessness which cannot be shaken off
  • Chronic tiredness
  • Lack of vitality or life force
  • Feeling like you’ve lost yourself
  • Feeling disconnected from life or like you don’t belong
  • Denial
  • Feeling broken and powerless
  • Inability to give or receive love
  • Addictive tendencies
  • Depression or chronic negativity
  • Suicidal feelings
  • Sensitivity towards a certain memory or situation

What to expect from a Spiritual Divorce?

You can expect a powerful transformation through the process of divine alchemy where we retrieve, recalibrate and restore lost fragments and particles as well as debilitate negative energies and cut harmful connections to help your soul become whole again and reclaim your power.

Joyce Haddad has created a specific method which will lead your soul into its journey of past experiences that have left you lost and unable to be present in your here and now. A Spiritual Divorce session may last anywhere from 60 to 120 minutes. For your first session, you will be asked to arrive fully hydrated, complete a health questionnaire as well as sign release forms. Appointments can be performed in person or online. You’ll want to wear comfortable clothing and be open to the healing process. Joyce will then guide you in identifying your specific needs and limiting beliefs throughout the session while in a deep relaxed state. The process may be done while lying down or in a comfortable sitting position. You may feel so relaxed that you may fall asleep on the final phase as she balances and re-calibrates  your energy field. That’s OK as being in a theta-delta state is optimal for maximum restorative results. At the end of your session, she will make recommendations for following treatments combining several modalities that will continue your healing process.

What might you expect after a Spiritual Divorce?

Even after you’ve completed a Spiritual Divorce session, your energy continues to flow and work in the body. You may feel the effects of your energy transformation immediately and notice the effects over time. Sometimes a temporary worsening of symptoms will take place before relief is felt. Some people see improvements immediately after just one session, while others may require a few sessions due to resistance and the strength of the energetic connections. For complete healing to take place you must modify your old habits to avoid Soul Webs™ from recreating. Healing takes responsibility and commitment. You may also choose to schedule regular appointments to keep your energy field balanced as you continue your healing journey and spiritual evolution. Joyce will make recommendations based on your session outcome. Your energy health is just as important to your physical and spiritual well-being as is a healthy diet, exercise regimen and mindful balance.

What can a Spiritual Divorce do for me?

  • Recuperate your power and sense of wholeness
  • Liberate you from energy weight
  • Clean energy debris
  • Disconnect energy ties that bind you
  • Heal your broken soul from the ties
  • Neutralize your emotions
  • Learn new feelings
  • Heal physical conditions and dis-ease linked to the ties created
  • Unlock your power within
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop fulfilling and harmonious relationships
  • Achieve personal freedom
  • Open your energy for new opportunities
  • Unlock your highest potential
  • Create balance
  • Resolve traumas and emotional issues
  • Release anger and resentments
  • Free yourself from habits and addictions

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“We are interconnected with everything that we have encountered consciously or unconsciously throughout time and space. In order to live up to our fullest potential and truth, we must release all ties that bind us to the experiences that no longer serve us.”
~ Joyce Haddad