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Welcome to the world of ThetaHealing ®, one of the most effective modalities for spiritual, emotional and physical healing on the planet today. Theta Healing allows digging into the soul through a step by step method that will uncover and create awareness of negative experiences, understanding where, when, how, and with who we have adopted certain perceptions, rules and limiting beliefs.

What is ThetaHealing®?

Theta Healing is a Spirtual science created by Vianna Stibal which teaches an ancient knowledge and philosophy that connects you to Creation or belief of God. It is not a religion nor do you have to be of a certain religion to experience Theta Healing. Anyone can connect to this Universal energy and Quantum field.

How does this Spiritual Science work?

Through a Theta brainwave, a frequency we reach when we go into a meditative state, and one of the brainwaves used in this modality, we are able to experience Healing. When we reach a Theta brainwave we are able to connect with our subconscious mind.

One of the ways to reach this level is through meditation. Meditating is a form of relaxation and breathing. As we relax we allow our brain waves to slowdown and as we reach this state our thought cycle decreases allowing us to tap into the main hard drive which is the subconscious mind.

THETA=Subconscious Mind. Subconscious Mind directs our body, actions, and results. Most of the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck and in circles are recorded here. As we investigate where the beliefs began, we can discover where in time you took on a belief and made it a truth.

The subconscious mind will accept anything you expose it to because it doesn’t have the ability to reject like the conscious mind does, similar to a refrigerator, it accepts and accepts like it or not. Your Conscious mind is the logical mind that dreams, desires, and rationalizes.

It’s the thinker, processor and decider but it doesn’t do this on its own, it checks in with the subconscious hard drive first, scans the request and if there is a limiting experience that opposes the conscious request or desire, the conscious mind will decide according to the truth it finds in the SM. In other words, the Subconscious mind is the CEO of your Mind structure.

Theta Healing Sessions

What happens when a conscious desire is wished but it never manifests?

This usually means that there is a limiting belief that weights more than the conscious desire. Of course the rational mind wants to create it but it doesn’t weight enough. See in order to shift your life and create coherence with your mind and body, transformational work needs to be done so our Conscious Desires match our Subconscious truths.

But when our Subconscious truths are limiting, then the results will be limited or none at all due to the programming. When the two fuse together, new truth and perception is born, then a 100% powerhouse is created between the two therefore you experience positive changes.

Science has proven that the Subconscious Mind has 95% power over our manifestations, creations, and Results. The Conscious mind has 5% power. With this being said, Theta Healing works in aligning you with your conscious ideas and desires so your life takes a 360 turn into your better self by creating happiness, joy, wellness, Health, abundance, and prosperity.

Theta Healing Techniques

I invite you to take this journey. Theta Healing is one of the techniques we use to assist your transformation. It is a powerful modality to Unlearn and break habits, to heal deep wounds, learn unknown feelings, and release old patterns that paralyze you and drown you.  There are two ways you can experience Theta healing. One is to book a session, the other is to take a workshop.

You have a choice from one to several sessions. If you want to see a permanent change a personalized action plan will be your best option.  We will analyze and explain the process. You can click here for a 15 minute free consultation and we can guide you in helping you decide what is the best direction to take. If you decide you are interested in taking the Theta Healing accredited certification course, you can do it to enhance your personal experience or to add a great modality as a career choice.

Theta Healing Testimony and Experience

Where do I start if I want to take Theta Healing Courses or training?

You begin with the Basic Theta Healing, and continue with the Advance, Dig Deeper, and Manifesting and Abundance courses that follow. Theta Healing has a vast variety of classes and courses to choose from but the first three required courses are Basic, Advance, and Dig Deeper. Once you have those you can sign up for more classes and workshops.

Where can I find a Theta healing near me? and what can theta Healing do for me?

It can help in many levels. Theta Healing works on the Core level which is from your time of birth until your present moment. It works on the History level which is past lives, Genetic level which is your ancestors and the Soul level which is basically integrating everything and instilling a new way.

You have to experience it yourself in order to really see the powerful results. If you are reading this, your soul led you right. Everything is energy and your energy will always match the energy frequency that best suits you.

So go with your intuition and decide what is best for you. Like a magnet you were led here. I welcome you to discover Theta Healing and all my workshops, and products. I once was stuck and drowning and thanks to another theta healer over 15 years ago who held my hand and brought me back to shore, I now know how to help others come back to their Heart.

Today after a lot of experience, I want to take your hand and guide you back to shore, empower you and turn your life on.

Don’t resist anymore, open your heart,elevate, empower and transform into your best version.

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“We are interconnected with everything that we have encountered consciously or unconsciously throughout time and space. In order to live up to our fullest potential and truth, we must release all ties that bind us to the experiences that no longer serve us.”
~ Joyce Haddad