ThetaHealing Basic DNA Workshop

Learn the ThetaHealing® technique to connect with your higher self, your emotions, and own your power, discovering that you have no limits and possess infinite capabilities.

Imagine the ability to manifest anything in your life, having financial, spiritual and personal freedom, knowing that there is hope and you can transform your paradigm. Welcome to the world of ThetaHealing ®, one of the most effective modalities in spiritual, emotional and physical healing on the planet today. ThetaHealing ® works through theta brain waves, and the area of the subconscious mind and brain that house all our memories and beliefs.

In this interactive seminar, you will learn the ThetaHealing ® technique, which will give you the ability to transform your beliefs and emotions, as well as to heal yourself and others.

ThetaHealing Basic DNA Workshop

You will learn to:

  • Develop your innate ability to transform your life on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level
  • Build self-love, confidence and self-esteem
  • Be free from recurring negative feelings and emotions
  • Recognize your beliefs and distinguish them from those of others
  • Heal traumatic experiences and memories
  • Clear and solve issues from past and present relationships
  • Release subconscious beliefs that are blocking you from manifesting and creating the life you love
  • Start attaining success, abundance, and true happiness now
  • Heal your body by clearing beliefs that manifest most diseases and disorders
  • Enhance your spiritual connection
  • Release karmic debt and obligations from your past lives
  • Balance your chakras and much more!


  • $525* 
  • $275* – repeating practitioners
    (*Non-refundable deposit of $100 required to reserve your spot, remainder of payment due two weeks before event. Full payment required if registering within 2 weeks of event date.)

Basic DNA Certification

ThetaHealing Basic DNA WorkshopBasic DNA introduces ThetaHealing ® techniques and focuses on activating the 12 strands of DNA within each participant. Students experience an opening to the Unconditional Love of the Creator.

The heart of this seminar is the practice of techniques that allow you to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self inflicted or externally imposed. In the ThetaHealing ® technique we believe you inherit beliefs and emotions from your ancestors. This level we call the genetic level.

The student will learn to identify his/her own beliefs as well as to practice pulling them for others in the seminar. This practice can quickly reveal systems of belief, showing the body how to replace limiting beliefs or feelings with positive ones.

Other topics and exercises include:

  • Learn why we create things in our life and what we learn from it
  • Learn discernment when working with guides and guardian angels
  • Introduction to manifesting in your life
  • Future readings
  • Balancing your moods
  • Soulmates, waywards and implants
  • Seven Planes of Existence
  • The Power of Connecting to the Creator of All That Is/God

By the end of the seminar, the student is prepared to become a practitioner of the ThetaHealing ® Technique as a ThetaHealer®.

Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing ® Book and ThetaHealing ® Basic Practitioners Manual

This seminar is taught in 3 consecutive days.

Prerequisites: None

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